Do you really want to be healthy?

When asked “Do you want to be healthy?”

… most people smile and answer “Yes, of course I do! Everyone wants to be healthy.”

Then, when asked “What did you do yesterday to support your excellent health?” their smile transforms into that stunned look of a deer caught in headlights.

Everyone SAYS they want to be healthy. They may even honestly believe that they want to be healthy.

So, why is it that so very few people are healthy, do what is needed to be healthy, or, even know what is needed to be healthy?

Hi, I am Bruce Wesley Chenoweth — formerly a forensic scientist and investigator turned Natural Health Advocate and Coach.

You may be asking “Okay, so what makes you think you’re so danged smart?” 

Well, mostly it was a postponed appointment with the Grim Reaper back in 1995 that made me sit up and pay attention.

I was apparently in the final few days of struggle against lymphoma.

  • Lymph glands were so swollen that swallowing was difficult and painful. Food was not appealing anyway.
  • Although constantly exhausted, I couldn’t sleep for more than a few seconds at a time because of snoring and restricted ability to breathe.
  • If a few minutes of sleep did happen, I woke up soaked from sweat. Doing so caused itchiness.
  • Tiny injuries, like splinters, caused painful infections
  • I was so very tired all the time that I couldn’t be out of bed longer than 15 minutes.

I was just waiting out the inevitable when a brilliant natural health expert came to visit. It was an absolute miracle that I hadn’t even asked for. In just one evening he:

  • determined what nutrients my body needed to begin healing,
  • helped me choose appropriate supplementation to balance my body,
  • advised on what foods would support rapid healing,
  • advised on what foods would add stress and slow healing,
  • advised on what to drink, and what not to drink,
  • advised on how to think in order to support healing

Just 4 days later …

In just 4 days after applying what I had learned, I was back to work. In fact, I was working 14 hour days, then sleeping like a baby at night.

It took a few months for all the symptoms to go away, but every day was better than the day before.

Now, that got my attention! I mean, really got my attention!

That brilliant natural health expert is Dr. Regan Golob. He has not only become my mentor and coach (“guru” applies here), he has also become one of my best and closest friends.

Regan has dedicated his life to learning all he can about the “truth” of health. Although he enthusiastically helps promote any product which proves to be beneficial to people and animals, his endorsements cannot be bought for the sake of profit.

Regan is both willing and eager to share all he knows with me, with all his clients, with the hundreds of thousands of people who have attended his classes and workshops all around the world and with anyone else who really, truly chooses to learn what causes health and what harms it.Of course, he also expects his students to apply and share what they learn.

If you are one of the few who chooses to learn about natural health, enter your name and e-mail address in the form on this page (right column, top) and click “Sign up now.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

“How much does it cost?”

It is free. Free now. Free for as long as we can continue to provide it.

“What will happen if I do it?”

Each day you will receive a very brief, very simple TIP on how to improve your health–naturally.

“Why sometimes every day?”

Each day you make many choices that affect your health. By receiving a simple natural health tip every day you will  remain more aware of those choices, and choose the better ones.

“Is there a weekly option?”

Not yet. This is strictly for people who will learn and take action to be healthier every day when the opportunity presents itself–not just when it is convenient. If this concerns you, it may not be right for you. If not, please do not subscribe.

“Will I understand it?”

More than likely. If not, most of the tips include links to references and other supporting information, should you choose to delve deeper.

“Will I get SPAM?”

Your information will be kept private, never shared.

“What if I don’t like it?”

You can change your mind any time and instantly unsubscribe by clicking a link on any broadcast message.

 “Will you try to sell me something in the broadcasts?”

Absolutely! We will endeavor to sell you on the idea of amazing physical and mental health in every TIP broadcast. Fortunately, that idea is absolutely free. 🙂

Some of the broadcasts will contain references to books or other products or services that are not free. You will not be compelled to buy any of them. We just make it as easy as possible for any reader who chooses to do further research, including experimentation and testing with proven beneficial products and services.


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