Introduction to “Perfect Health”

The concept of “perfect health” may as well exist only on the planet Mars for as foreign and obscure as it seems to most people. Most people have no foundation for even comprehending such a condition. The chance of them even associating with someone who maintains perfect health is slim, at best.

Yet perfectly healthy people do exist – by their own choice and design.

Here are a few of the ways you might recognize them>

  • This quiet minority of super-healthy beings is discrete.
  • They are usually of slender to medium build.
  • They never complain about aches and pains.
  • They never tell tales of operations, radiation or chemotherapy treatments.
  • They aren’t the ones who are coughing and blowing their noses.
  • They rarely become injured in accidents, seemingly having the inherent ability to avoid any danger which is about to occur.
  • The only real clues lie in watching them eat, or choose their groceries, or in noticing that they never seem to become rattled by anything.
  • They just calmly go about their lives expressing joy and appreciation back to whatever environment they encounter.

This raises the questions:

  • What are the differences that set these people apart?
  • Why are they so blessed that they never get sick?
  • How is it that they are strong enough for hard physical exercise without even a minor backache?
  • How can they move spryly about on strong, flexible limbs until the day they peacefully pass on well into their hundreds?
  • Why are they so very different from most people?

Answering these questions is the objective of the Perfect Health: NATURALLY! series.


The number of “answers” that can be found for any question is unlimited.

The difficulty lies in identifying the correct answers. We must find an accurate method of qualifying each answer.

Such a standard is blatantly obvious. it is Based on Results!

There are any numbers of ideas that I would have quickly discarded as absurd and ridiculous, had it not been for confirming results.

Homeopathy is one of them.

My “logical” mind absolutely cannot fathom that diluting a substance down until it is virtually non-existent in a solution of distilled water could improve its effectiveness at treating diseases.

Even now I have no problem convincing myself that the whole idea is so silly that no-one should have even thought of it in the first place.

The problem is: homeopathy gets indisputable results.

I cannot blame those results on a placebo effect, because it works just as well on animals as it does humans.

It is pretty hard to play placebo mind-games on an animal.

So, results are the final test.


It is due to a consistent lack of desirable results that we have lost our interest in allopathic medicine, or medical doctors, as an effective influence toward the production of perfect health.

We do recognize that allopathic doctors have great value for rescuing the broken and the sick and the festering!

That acknowledged, we have yet to meet one who, in the course of his or her allopathic practice, has significantly contributed to anyone’s perfect health.

We have, however, met a few who have married natural and allopathic practices, and who are greatly benefiting their patients


In relying on results as our test, we consistently confirm the paradigm “Sickness and disease cannot exist in a perfectly healthy body.”

When I first heard this paradigm it flew over my head like an F-16 fighter jet—It made a little noise, then ‘poof’, it was gone. It took the patient insistence of my wise friend, Dr. Regan Golob, to help me begin to “get it.”

In reality, we are not the victims of germs, viruses and other opportunistic microorganisms or diseases—they are actually victims of us.

They exist because of their ability to recycle declining organic matter, which we often refer to as “garbage.”

If we abuse our body until it regresses into garbage, they find a supportive home. They thrive.

If we create and maintain a healthy body, that is a hostile environment to them, and they cannot survive. They must find a different, unhealthy host, or they will die.

It is upon this paradigm that this educational series is based.

It draws on the wisdom of the greatest minds we have found in the natural health field.

It presents health ideas that are based on consistently recurring results.

The results I speak of are steadily improving, functionally “perfect,” health.

My sincere wish is that you will retain and apply each aspect, and that you and your loved ones become perfectly healthy as a result.

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