Essential Supplementation

Food Supplementation for “Filling Your Barrel“

by Bruce W. Chenoweth, S.I.P.E.

barrel-1shortstaveThe best analogy that I have heard for understanding the need for a balanced diet, including food supplements, comes from nutritional expert Jim Zamzow. He speaks about a wooden stave barrel, pointing out that it is important for all the staves to be of equal length. Of course, if even one single stave is shorter, say only 1/2 as long as the others, that stave sets the maximum capacity of the barrel’s contents.

In his analogy, the staves represent the optimum levels of different vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, pure water and air that comprise our unique nutritional needs. The capacity of the barrel represents the maximum level of physical health that we each can achieve. It becomes obvious through this example that if we are deficient in any one tiny little nutritional element that our entire health capability will ultimately be limited to the level of that single deficiency.

Add to this the fact that most of the foods that are available to us are alarmingly low in nutrients. This is due to soil depletion, followed by current practices of “fertilizing” with salt-based, chemical so-called fertilizers which actually contribute to worsened soil depletion. Chemical fertilizers can produce good-looking but nutritionally useless foods. A very alarming report was given to the Unites States Congress, warning that the foods being produced in the U. S. A. were creating a health crisis that is endangering the entire country. This report was delivered in 1932. Since then our soils have become much, much more depleted, and our foods much, much less nutritional.

Ideally, all of our nutritional needs should be satisfied through the foods we eat. Since diet choices and current conditions make this virtually impossible, we must take appropriate supplements to extend the staves of our health-barrel to full capacity. Dr. Barnet Meltzer, a highly-respected Medical Doctor who specializes in Preventative Medicine makes it very clear:

“Supplementation is no longer a matter of choice. It’s no longer a matter of option. It’s no longer a matter of preference. Supplementation today is obligatory! It’s mandatory! It’s necessary, for us to keep up with the changing times.” 

But this presents us with a new problem: what if we take vitamins and minerals that we don’t need, and, in so doing, supplement nutrients that we are not deficient in? The answer is that we create a new imbalance. Using the barrel analogy, our staves become very random. Some are way too long, some are too short. We become grossly out of nutritional balance.

The solution is to find a very high quality, balanced and highly assimilate-able general supplement that you test well on. Take the recommended dosage for 30 days, then muscle-test on a variety of highly specific vitamins and minerals to determine any additional needs that you may have. As an example, men will likely require more zinc, and women more magnesium.

Although it may be impractical to test each time before you take them, check your choices and dosage at least once a week. If you don’t have a spouse or close friend who can test you, try placing the supplement about waist-high on a counter or shelf, step close to it, relax and see if you feel drawn toward it or repelled by it. Many people prefer this method to muscle testing. Some also use a pendulum or other “dowsing” device for their indications with great success. There are several other testing methods. It is important that you find a method that works well for you.

In summary, because of poor diets and nutrient-deficient foods, you DO need to take supplements, but first you must put forth an educated effort to find the appropriate supplements that will help bring your body to perfect health balance. Remember to

  • be skeptical;
  • test it;
  • prove it to yourself; then
  • continue to be skeptical.

Some nutritional recommendations:

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