160222 Elimination of the problem

Elimination of the Problem

Sent February 22, 2016

JoinTheMovementIn his article titled “The Flu” Dr. Regan Golob states “I think a flu begins and ends in the colon …”. In my personal experience, flu is the least of the problems caused by slow or stopped elimination. Here are a few other symptoms you may recognize:

  • Leg cramps.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Shoulder(s) pop out of joint.
  • Hip(s) pop out of joint.
  • Feeling tired; no energy.
  • Confusion; lack of focus.
  • Low anger threshold. Irritability.

I often wonder how many shoulder and hip operations and how many lost jobs and unhappy relationships could have been avoided merely by a salt-water cleanse and a dietary change.

For a better understanding of this important subject, see

Chapter 9: “Just Go Poop”

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