160304 Greasing The Brain Gears With Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Our Brains Require Fats

Greasing The Brain Gears With Coconut Oil

Sent March 4, 2016

Being in my mid-seventies and with a mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I definitely take notice when my brain seems to slip a gear or two. Using what we learned while restoring Mom’s mental functions, I immediately remind myself to take trace minerals and grease those brain gears with raw, organic coconut oil.

According to the pharmaceutical-funded “studies,” there is no “conclusive evidence” that coconut oil helps brain function. That’s fine! While they argue and obfuscate the issue, I’ll just keep on enjoying some each day–in my smoothies, on a spoon, on popcorn, mixed with organic raw cacao powder as an awesome chocolate topping, etc.

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