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Tickle Me Healthy

Sent March 5, 2016

An Engineering department I once worked at referred to it’s reminder system as the “Tickler File.” Today we can use Smart apps such as Google Calendar, MightyText, etc to “tickle” us about anything at any time of the day or night, such as “DRINK WATER,” “MORNING SUPPLEMENTS,” “BE GRATEFUL,” BREATHE AND RELAX, etc.

Another good time for a tickle is 5 minutes before lunch time with “80% ALKALINE” or whatever message you need to bring your consciousness back on target before you choose your meal.

If you use an Android device and don’t love the text messaging app you have, you might like to try MightyText [ http://mightytext.net/RfU6mRM ]. The “Pro” option allows scheduled texting to yourself and others.

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