160307 Will We CHOOSE To Live To Healthy 140?

Live to 140Will We CHOOSE To Live To Healthy 140?

Sent March 7, 2016

Based on the protein ratio of human breast milk compared to the known longevity of other studied species, humans are genetically designed to live for more than 140 years. That said, how many people do you know of who have lived that long?

The problem seems to be that we are “smart” enough to make poor choices about what we eat and drink, behaviors such as smoking and excess alcohol consumption, delegating our health management to others, taking unnecessary risks to compensate for boredom, etc. We all do it to some degree–even “natural health advocates” who write daily health tip e-mails.

Making choices is the birthright of humans. With knowledge, we can choose consistently with our life goals, then cherish our results. The purpose of these daily tips is to provide that knowledge.


Recent research indicates that there is no genetically programmed expiration date. We are programmed to survive, period. The cause of death is unrepaired damage to our bodies.

If we are able to protect and repair our bodies, there is no evidence that we could not live forever.

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