160308 I Spent The Morning Weeping …

Sir Nicholas Winton--HEROI Spent The Morning Weeping …

Big boys DO cry — and, if it is with tears of joy and appreciation and love, as mine have been today, those tears are health-enhancing Alkaline tears. Even though tears of sorrow, anger, rage may be Acid, let them flow to help release some of your blocked stress. Just get back to joy as soon as possible.

One way to put your life in joyful perspective may be to learn about what got my floodgates open this morning — learning about the absolutely incredible hero who passed last year, Sir Nicholas Winton [ http://perfecthealthnaturally.com/miracle/heros/sir-nicholas-winton/ ]. After learning about him, I put together a tribute page for him here:

NOTE: Have a new box of tissues handy when you watch, and don’t watch it at work. People will see your blood-shot eyes and assume you snuck away to smoke some funny smelling cigarettes.

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