160313 Bunny Therapy

When I was younger, struggling to “make ends meet,” and even more foolish than now, I worried a lot, resulting in mind-jamming stress.

Co-incidentally, Anni had “rescued” a pregnant bunny. She had 6 babies, then died while they were still nursing. Anni and I suddenly became bunny mommy and daddy, hand-feeding them kitten formula with eye-droppers. Needless to say, they became very attached to us, and we to them.

Not wanting them to live under conditions of imprisonment while also feeling the need to protect them, we fenced off a 9′ by 51′ area of our yard and turned it into a bunny warren/playground. They loved it, and played incessantly when they were not burrowing.

When my stress became too uncomfortable, I would go sit in the bunny warren and chill. It is next to impossible to feel much stress when adorable bunnies are climbing on you, nibbling at your shoelaces and jumping back and forth across your legs and feet.

What do you do for “bunny therapy?” What is the thing that you have found that strips away all stress and reminds you that this moment, now is absolutely perfect — just as it should be? Be certain to give that to yourself every day!

If you haven’t found your personal bunny therapy yet, I highly recommend self hypnosis. Once you learn how, you can bring deep relaxation to yourself anytime, anywhere. You can even take your mind to an imaginary magical rabbit warren where you can watch adorable little bunnies hop and jump and run and climb all over you to take your stress and carry it away.

For a free 5-day introductory class in hypnosis, you can go HERE .

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