160314 POINT TAKEN — Here is an alternate …

POINT TAKEN — Here is an alternate …

One of our subscribers responded to the “Bunny therapy” tip with his concerns about abuse of hypnosis–and I agree with him. Using hypnosis for anything other than relaxation, focus clarity, memory recall and visualization has it’s risks. So, here is an alternative:

There is a very highly acclaimed method of inducing deep levels of relaxation and meditation using only sounds. There are no verbal suggestions–just a mixture of tones and other sounds that have been shown to stimulate certain beneficial brain functions, including creation of new synaptic patterns.

One thing to know is that you MUST use headphones or earbuds to get the best results. Anni and I didn’t know this when we first bought the program.

Following is our affiliate link to explain the process and provide you with a free sample of the sounds. It is a very impressive way of relaxing deeply:

Click HERE for details and the FREE SAMPLE


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