160315 Nutritional thinking. Can it actually alter foods?

Simple Natural Health TipsNutritional thinking. Can it actually alter foods?

Can the way we think and feel about food not only alter our ability to digest and assimilate it, but actually alter the food itself? Many seemingly sane and competent people (myself included) have come to this conclusion.

Whether or not it is actually true, honoring and being grateful for everything we eat, and never projecting the idea that something that we or others choose to eat or drink at any given moment is “unhealthy” or otherwise harmful can make a definite difference to our health.

This is not intended to justify continued imbalanced diets — only to reduce or eliminate the adverse effects of negative thinking during occasional deviations from what we know to best nourish our bodies.

For a better understanding of what experiences stimulated this conclusion, see the article at

Nutritional Thinking

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