160316 Confessions of an acid-ash food binger

Simple Natural Health TipsConfessions of an acid-ash food binger

I confess. I love eating acid-ash forming foods. Today I had about a cup of brown rice (47 on the acid scale) and later a pork chop (10 on the acid scale ). Since the optimum ratio for alkaline/acid balance is 4 to 1, that put me at a (47+10) X 4 = 228 alkaline ash deficit just to break even.

HOWEVER, my next meal will be the delicious and quick “Super-Alkaline Green Smoothie” that I give the recipe for in the Path to Youngness website. That has an alkalinizing factor of 1,400!

This means that I could enjoy a similar digression from the alkaline path 5 times again today, and still be maintaining my bone-building, function-supporting alkaline reserves. Since I won’t be doing that, my body can happily bank the extra alkalinity.

For a better understanding of this important subject, See Dr. Golob’s article “Protein: Good and Acid.”

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