160611 Okay God, I’m Still Here. What’s the Point?

Okay God, I’m Still Here. What’s the Point?

Sent June 11, 2016


Simple Natural Health TipsShortly after I was born, the doctor told my mother that I had a serious, inoperable heart defect, and that I wouldn’t live much longer …

God trumps doctor. I’m still here.

While serving duty in Korea, a jeep rolled onto my chest, breaking all my ribs, collapsing my lungs and crushing and dislocating my still “seriously inoperable” heart.

It took about 9 hours hours to get me from central South Korea to medical aid.

The surgeon who operated on me said “I don’t think this one’s going to make it.” …

… Again, God trumps doctor. I’m still here.

Then in 1995 comes the diagnosis of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Usually a death sentence, but this time I had the right doctor–Dr. Regan Golob …

Three times I survived against the greatest of odds.

It seemed like a good time to ask God:
“Why me? Why am I still here? What’s the point?”

So, I’m not an expert on how God answers questions, but I have a strong feeling that the sudden, irresistible passion I developed for learning all I could about our built-in health management structures and functions, what supports them and what suppresses them was part of the answer. Part 2 of the answer was the new, undeniable compulsion to share what I was learning with everyone and anyone who would listen.

BTW, YOU are a recipient of those answers. Gives you a warm fuzzy, doesn’t it?

I found it fascinating that these memories all flooded back into my mind on the cusp of releasing the Beta version of the Simple Natural Health Tips App, which is AVAILABLE NOW for you to begin enjoying.

The beta release won’t be available in Microsoft’s, Google’s or iPhone’s Play Stores quite yet. Not until after beta testing. So to learn how to download them into you phone, phablet, tablet, laptop or desktop (yes, it works with them all) go to http://ph-n.com/tips/app/.

PLEASE, let me know how you like it, and if you notice any problems! The way to move it from beta to full release is by finding and fixing any flaws.

I hope you love it, and use the heck out of it every day!


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