160614 Another of the wonderful benefits of “putting yourself out there”

Another of the wonderful benefits of “putting yourself out there”

Everyone knows something that will benefit othersSent June 14, 2016

As I have mentioned before, a huge benefit of writing the daily Simple Natural Health Tips is that it forces me to keep the invaluable information foremost in my mind. Even if there were no subscribers, it would be good for me to continue writing them.

But there ARE subscribers, and therein lies the seed of another great benefit: A “mastermind” of sorts.

You and the other subscribers make up a pretty impressive group. This “TIPS” broadcast isn’t your first introduction to natural health, by any means! I am humbled by some of the feedback I receive.

A case in point is a response I received fro John Lala, Jr. regarding the tip from “Weird Jack” suggesting to clear your mind by tossing thoughts onto an imaginary passing train. Here is a small portion of his response in which he shares what seems to be a much better idea:

“Let’s say I’m trying to relax and calm my mind and the thought comes in that “I need to pay the water bill!”

I know from reality and experience and in understanding how the mechanics of the mind work, that that thought wants to be acknowledged, not be shuttled off in a train somewhere.

So I will acknowledge it and say “Thank you for reminding me, but it is not critical that I address that cycle at this time but I will do so at a later time of my choosing. Thank you.”

Words to that affect. “

This has given me a whole new perspective on clearing the mind. Rather than creating a whole new complicated thought, merely acknowledge and dismiss the ones that are already there.


Also, extending the notion that “thoughts are things,” using Jack’s idea we now have a speeding locomotive to deal with. I’m sure you know from watching old movies that that can’t be good!

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