160617 Re-drawing your health behavior line

Re-drawing your health behavior line

June 17, 2016

With respect to health, we can think of our behavior as having an imaginary line whereupon the thoughts we think, things we eat and drink and the things we do have a null effect on our health–causing equal amounts of support and hindrance such that our health neither gets worse nor better as a result.

As much as is practical, moving that line upward into the areas where our behavior results in more support than harm will obviously improve our health and longevity.

One of many methods for accomplishing this would be to become so familiar with the Alkaline-Acid Foods Chart that your mind automatically balances questionable food choices by incorporating compensating portions of highly supportive foods–for example, loading a hot dog up with chopped spinach as a topping.

Or, better yet, chopping up that hot dog that you have been craving and adding it as a condiment on a large spinach salad.

I don’t know anyone who always eats perfect health-enhancing foods and beverages, but the higher you can re-draw that health-behavior line, the more you will enjoy amazing health.

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