160623 Holy guacamole!

Holy guacamole! Pass on those gelcaps, and pass the chips instead!

Have you ever felt hungry, and thought “I’m gonna go grab a few fish oil capsules for a quick snack!”?

Yeah — me neither.

But, offer me a cup of pureed avocado …

… a dash of Real Salt …

… maybe a side of fresh tomato salsa …

… and don’t be kidding if you do, ’cause my Pavlovian-induced digestive juices could start a flood without somewhere to go! Just writing this has me swallowing continuously.

Ignoring those arguments as to whether or not avocado oil is a “true” omega 3 fatty acid, research indicates that just one cup of pureed avocado provides more than half of your daily fat requirement. Additionally, that same amount provides

  • more than 1/3 of your recommended vitamin C needs
  • almost 2/3 of your recommended dietary fiber needs
  • about 5 grams of high-quality, amino-acid balanced protein

The only caveat: If your preference is to dip with corn chips, be certain they are made with organic, NON-GMO corn. Monsanto may be hazardous to your health.

Just filling the seed cavity with salsa and spooning it out is a great alternative to dipping.


I gotta make a run to the store …

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