160625 How many ‘K’s in ‘Banana’?

How many ‘K’s in ‘Banana’?

banana-300wWhen you think “Potassium” (periodic symbol “K”), you likely automatically think “banana.”

But bananas, although good, are not the best source of Potassium, by any means.

An average banana contains about 422 mg. of Potassium.

It may also contain some sinister toxins from being fumigated before export. The skin is soft, and chemicals can pass through to the fruit.

The best source of Potassium is beet greens with over 1,300 mg. per cup.

Here are the top 9, based on 1 cup each:

  1. Beet Greens, 1,309 mg.
  2. Swiss Chard, 961 mg.
  3. Spinach, 839 mg.
  4. Bok Choy, 631 mg.
  5. Beets, 519 mg.
  6. Brussels Sprouts, 495 mg.
  7. Broccoli, 457 mg.
  8. Cantaloupe, 427 mg
  9. Tomatoes, 427 mg.

Did you ever wonder why the symbol for Potassium is K and not P?

It is because Phosphorus (P-atomic number 15) was charted before Potassium, (K-atomic number 19), and the Neo-Latin word for it is Kalium.

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