160629 When “getting fit” does not fit

Simple Natural Health TipsWhen “getting fit” does not fit

When the subject of health enters a conversation, more often than not an ill-advised person will pause from snarfing a double-bacon cheeseburger long enough to say something like

“Yeah, I need to exercise more. I’m really outta shape.”


Unless said person has a death wish, here is the appropriate response:

“Yeah, I need to alkalinize, then get my body nutritionally balanced!
Then, once that is accomplished, start an intelligently-planned exercise program.”

Here is why:

  • Every day many acidic, under-nourished people suddenly drop dead while exercising. Their heart stops.
  • 100% of all heart “attacks” are caused by acidosis of the left ventricle.
    (1. Source: Journal of the American Medical Association)
    (2. Hearts don’t really “attack.” Without adequate structural and functional support, they simply cannot continue to function.
  • Exercise produces lactic and pyruvic acids while consuming alkaline reserves–resulting in acidosis.

If you are not paying attention to what you eat, with 80% alkaline ash foods* in the forefront of your consciousness, then maybe you should limit your exercise to squirming while watching people beat each other up on TV. “Getting fit” just isn’t a fit for your lifestyle yet.

*NOTE: If you are not certain what that means, DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE COPY of the enumerated Alkaline-Acid Foods Chart and paste it on your refrigerator door, just above the handle, so that you and every member of your family can refer to it each visit to the refrigerator.


Alkaline-Acid Foods Chart

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