The Truth about “Health Care” and Hamburger seeds

An attractive young mother and her 4-ish year old son were sitting wide-eyed at a table in a newly-opened gourmet restaurant near Redmond, Washington.

burgerThey had each just been served the most magnificent looking double-bacon cheeseburger you could ever imagine.

As the mother began experimenting to fit some of the giant burger into her petite mouth, her son opened a napkin to the side of his plate.

He then began meticulously picking sesame seeds off of the bun and piling them onto the open napkin.

After managing a few bites, the mother asked him why he was doing that.

With wide-eyed excitement still on his face, he replied

“Mom! I’m taking these seeds home so we can grow our own hamburgers!”

As adorable as that incident may have been, it demonstrates how an error in thinking can occur when we arrive at conclusions based on incomplete and incorrect information.

In this case, sesame seeds added to hamburger buns would still only grow sesame, assuming that they survived the heat of baking, of course.

Judgement errors like this, called “false syllogisms,” are, by no means, limited to 4-year-old’s.

We all–you and I and everyone else–continue to make them throughout our lives.

To compound these, there are industries who’s very survival depends upon intentionally misdirecting us.

MisdirectionSome misdirection is harmless–even fun. Magicians rely on it to entertain you.

Misdirection in other areas can be harmful and dangerous– even murderous.

Health care is the most sinister of all areas for harmful misdirection.

Given that your good health is the single-most important of all your riches of life, the most sinister misdirection comes from the pharmaceutical industry.

The Natural Health community has long recognized that drugs are not formulated to cure diseases–they are formulated to create long-term customers for drug companies and medical doctors.

Ideally, from their profit-based point of view, the perfect drug will:

  • maintain an illness for the life of the patient while not causing them to die too much sooner than if they had become healthy instead,
  • complicate the patient’s health such that additional drugs are needed to balance the complications,
  • mislead the patient to believe that the drug is providing some essential benefit.
  • compel medical doctors, either through ignorance or kickbacks, or both, to use their esteem to promote the drug.

One unfortunate result of this misdirection is that people end up believing that it is not necessary to take intelligent, responsible action which enhances and supports their own natural health.

Examine1. Your first line of defense: Examine the Evidence

  • LISTEN to the disclaimers that follow the promotional ads for drugs, i.e.
    “May cause diarrhea, nausea, projectile vomiting, bleeding ulcers, heart attack, stroke or death.”
    REALLY? Is this something that you want to put in YOUR body?
  • LISTEN to the reports of other people who have already made the mistake of trusting it. Does ANYONE say “Oh, yeah! I took one bottle, and now I feel like a kid again!”?
  • LOOK at anyone who is taking it, regardless of what they might say. Do you believe that they are “better”?
  • TEST on it. Use the basic push-pull testing to learn what your body knows about it that your mind does not.

Consider2. Consider the natural alternatives

Are you doing all the basics that are necessary to have good health?

  • Breathing exercises.
  • Drinking 1 oz. of clean water for each 2 lbs body weight MINIMUM.
  • Drinking ONLY beneficial beverages, like fresh fruit and vegetable juices. (NEVER soda pop or regular coffee.)
  • Choosing organic alkalinizing foods for at least 80% of your diet.
  • Determining and supplementing nutritional imbalances to correct them.
  • Testing on everything before you consume it.
  • Being constantly grateful for perfect health and wisdom.
  • Replacing all worry with images of perfection.
  • Using your mind to learn new information and tackle mental challenges.
  • Practicing tolerance and forgiveness.
  • Seeking the council of health Professionals who profit from you being healthy and balanced–not from when you are sick.

Step3. Take one Small Step in the Right Direction

By subscribing to AND STUDYING each of the “Simple Natural Health Tips” e-mail broadcasts you will be reminded of the natural alternatives to dangerous drugs.

You will also be directed to many additional natural health resources, like the and websites where many other natural methods of attaining excellent health are defined.

4. Make adjustments Based On Results

Had the young boy who was harvesting “hamburger seeds” taken them home and planted them, he would have been disappointed by his results. Likely, he would have recognized his false syllogism by then and would have taken a different approach for getting more delicious cheeseburgers.

How about you in your quest for excellent health?

Are you, like most people, disappointed by the ineffective results attained through drug therapy?

Have you recognized the indisputable fact that good health can only happen when natural laws are followed?

Do you recognize that the idea of poisoning your body to improve your health is a ridiculous false syllogism that does not and cannot ever add up?

Are you prepared to take a different approach so that you can actually get the results you are seeking?

If so, then:

  1. Click “Simple Natural Health Tips” and enter your information,
  2. Go to your inbox and click the confirmation request you will receive.
  3. Read every issue.
  4. Test the tips and recommendations. Many, if not most, will be right for you.
  5. Make adjustments based on your results.

When you begin asking the right questions, you will find that Nature always has the correct answer.

“Simple Natural Health Tips”

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