ESSENTIAL TO HEALTH: Why is Aloe vera such a big deal?

160706  ESSENTIAL TO HEALTH: Why is Aloe vera such a big deal?

For a comprehensive understanding, buy and read “The Science Behind Aloe: The Healing Plant” by Bill H. McAnalley, PhD, in it’s entirety.

Chapter 5 of this great book is instrumental in explaining the “why” in layman’s terms. It begins with this “Abstract”:

“For optimal health, our bodies require necessary food ingredients in sufficient amounts. All diseases are the result of an imbalance in the structure and function of the body’s biochemical processes.

Furthermore, nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining this balance in biochemical process. Currently, science recognizes the nutritional requirement of proteins, fats, caarbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, phytoestrogens, antioxidants, (i.e. phytochemicals), friendly bacteria (i.e. probiotics) and pre-biotics (i.e. some fiber) to maintain this intricate balance thus promoting optimal health.

These necessary food components are required by all human life, regardless of age. This is achieved in infants through breastfeeding and must be continued through adulthood via a healthy diet.

For example, Aloe is able to provide carbohydrates and prebiotics comparable to those found in human breast milk, which serve to supply structural building components and energy.”

NaturAloe Verapol Premium

Having read and understood the contents of this book, you will undoubtedly want to begin consuming Acemannan–the remarkable component in Aloe inner leaf gel. The best that Dr. Golob and I have been able to find is contained in Verapol Premium, available HERE.

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