Got a Minute?

Invest Five MinutesA quick question about YOU:

Are you one of the people who can recognize the value of investing just 5 minutes two or three times a week in exchange for a level of health that is so vibrant and robust that you will

    • feel fantastic each day, all day,
    • remain flexible and pain-free through many additional years of vibrant life,
    • sleep deeply and peacefully, then awaken with abundant energy,
    • never “catch” the flu or colds that are “going around“,
    • only require a medical doctor for an annual physical,
    • naturally attain and maintain your ideal weight effortlessly, without ever dieting ?

Bruce-in-circle-white-300Hi. I am Bruce Wesley Chenoweth, formerly a Forensic Scientist for Bennetts Laboratories of Tacoma, Washington, I am currently “retired” at age 74 and living in New Plymouth, Idaho, USA.

I remain mentally active by researching, applying and sharing certain information that you and I and every other living person must have in order to have a rich, full life.

I know this because my quest for knowledge began as a desperate means to solve my own health crisis.

I was born with a life-threatening heart challenge that could have limited my activities. Regardless, I have played hard and worked hard my entire life. Due to these and the circumstances which I explain below, I did not expect to enjoy a particularly long life.

Over twenty years ago, when I was in my early 50’s, I was struggling with what is usually thought to be a terminal illness. If you knew someone who had it, or, if you have it now, you may recognize the symptoms:

  • Feeling completely exhausted all the time.
  • Cannot sleep for more than a few seconds at a time.
  • Perspire profusely, even when feeling cold.
  • Lymph nodes are swollen to the point of constant pain, especially in the throat and under arms.
  • No appetite.
  • When coughing it feels like being stabbed on each side of the throat.
  • For the short periods that you can be out of bed, you need to sit down.

I was certain that I was rapidly approaching my death. I accepted that, but worried that my wife and invalid mother would find it difficult to get by without me.

But my motive for concern became reversed once I had become just an added burden to them. I began to feel guilty for remaining alive.

I thought I had tried everything to get well, but all had failed. Any additional resistance seemed futile.

Death loomed, apparently inevitable.


Dr. Regan GolobEnter: Dr. Regan Golob.

Quite unexpectedly, a revolutionary doctor that I had known in Seattle called to ask if he could stop in for a visit on his way to Boise, Idaho.

This was totally unexpected, as Dr. Golob and I had not been particularly close.

Regardless, I welcomed the distraction and another opportunity to say goodbye to an old friend.

As it turned out, his visit was not a goodbye — it was a “hello” to complete recovery from the disease, and an introduction to a whole new healthy lifestyle.

Now, at the age of 73, I feel better, more energetic and more clear-minded than I did in my 40’s.

This happened because I learned how to be healthy–naturally–as YOU now have the opportunity to do.

Had Dr. Golob not shared his knowledge of natural health with me, I would now only be a fading memory. His intimate knowledge of the body, what supports it, and what is harmful to it combined with my willingness to learn and adjust quite literally saved my life!

Knowledge is, indeed, POWER.

The power to DEFY DEATH–or, at least postpone it for a substantial amount of time.

I am immensely grateful to Dr. Golob for sharing his wisdom, and to God for granting me the privilege of knowing him.

But, what about the millions of people who don’t have a “Dr. Golob” to unexpectedly stop in? How will they learn how to save their own lives?

Perfect Health Naturally BannerPartly to fill that gap, and partly to keep me learning more about my own health, “Perfect Health: NATURALLY!” was born.

The mission of Perfect Health: NATURALLY  is to share the most accurate, most effective natural health information, resources and services with everyone who chooses to responsibly manage their own health.

In order that it be available to EVERYONE, basic access is free.

For the past 20 years, the best natural health information has been compiled and published through web sites and written documents, recorded as audio and video lectures and discussions, and presented through classes, meetings and webinars. Most of this information is FREE FOR THE TAKING by members with Internet access.

Free, for YOU.

Simple Natural Health TipsYour free membership gives you full guided access to the website, plus a subscription to the “Simple Natural Health Tips” e-mails.

Once you opt for membership in Perfect Health: NATURALLY! you are free to access all of the information on the entire site. You can search to find specific topics, follow a course of study, or just browse through the many articles, audios, videos, etc.

To help keep you “in the groove.” you will also receive a Simple Natural Health TIP via e-mail a few times each week. Each tip should require an investment of less than five minutes of your time to learn.

Occasionally you may also receive a link to a short audio or video “lesson” about an aspect of natural health.

Should you decide for any reason that the weekly shares are not for you, unsubscribing is easy and immediate through a link at the bottom of every share. Even if you do choose to unsubscribe to Simple Natural Health Tips, you will continue to have access to the website.

To summarize, Perfect Health: NATURALLY! membership gives you

  • access to the most valuable natural health information available to support your best possible life,
  • does not bind or obligate you in any way,
  • costs no money, and
  • requires only a tiny bit of your time.

Can you think of ANY valid reason to pass up this opportunity?

(If you can, would you be willing to call me and tell me what it is? I’d love to explore it with you.)

If not, just complete the following enrollment form, then go to your inbox to confirm that it was really you who did the enrolling …

… see you on the inside …

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