Perfect Health: NATURALLY!


The Vision:

“We see healthy people.”

Thousands of years of experience has proven that nature provides everything required for humans and animals to enjoy astonishing levels of health, well being, energy, resilience, recovery from injuries and mental acuity.

For thousands of years man has studied and experimented with natural resources to to determine which are harmful, which are beneficial, and under what circumstances each benefit occurs.

Much of this knowledge has been documented, and is now available to anyone.

Conversely, for hundreds of years man has also exploited their fellow man’s ignorance of health-enhancing natural resources by manufacturing  and promoting toxic substances which suppress important symptoms, weaken the body and result in additional diseases and damage to the user’s body. Far too often this has been done with malicious, greedy intent.

In order for us and others to “see more healthy people,” the truth must be told!


The Experts:

Dr. Regan Golob  B.S. (Biology); D.C.; B.E.S.T.; A.H.C.P

Formerly a Board Certified Chiropractor, turned Alternative Health Care Practitioner
Star, Idaho and the World

Dr. Golob’s intense passion to understand every aspect of human and animal health began in his early teens as the result of being diagnosed with two  supposedly incurable, progressively degenerative spinal diseases. He was advised by three medical specialists that he would soon be confined to a wheel chair, and that his life would be both painful and short.

Fortunately for Regan, his father refused to accept such futility, and carried him away in search of alternative treatments for his son.

Chiropractic treatments, dietary changes and organic supplementation halted the progression of the diseases, enabling Regan to avoid the wheelchair. Still, he lived in constant pain day and night as he completed high school, obtained a B.S. degree in Biology, then obtained his Doctorate in Chiroporactic.

While studying Chiropractic at Palmer, Regan had the good fortune to meet and become friends with Dr. M. Ted Morter.

Dr. Morter had written several great books on natural health and healing (i.e. “Your Health–your Choice), and had developed the Bio-Energy Synchronization Technique, a.k.a. “B.E.S.T.”

Dr. Morter promised Regan that the spinal diseases leave him in 30 days if he would follow his instructions precisely.

Regan later recounted “Twenty-four hours a day I had pain that felt like there was a knife sticking in my back. The only change from that was that sometimes it felt like someone was twisting the knife.”

Of course, he agreed to the 30-day program. 

Additionally, he arranged to apprentice with Dr. Morter. He moved into the Morter home where he went onto a precise alkalinizing diet specified by Dr. Morter.

Regan continued to recount “30 days, TO THE DAY, it felt like the knife was pulled out of my back. That pain has never returned.”

To many people this would appear to be a Miracle.

To Dr. Morter, and now to Dr. Regan Golob, this is merely the inevitable result of applied knowledge.

It is this same knowledge, and much more that has been relentlessly learned since, that Dr. Golob passes forward to his patients, students and mentees.

Knowledge that YOU can become the beneficiary of through your membership in Simple Natural Health.


Bruce Wesley Chenoweth B.S.E.E.E.;  S.I.P.E.

Formerly Forensic Scientist and Technical Investigator turned Natural Health Advocate and Coach,
New Plymouth, Idaho

In 1993 Bruce learned that his mother had severe dementia compounded by a shattered hip, and was no longer able to care for herself or her blind husband.At the time she was being cared for in a nursing home.

Bruce and his wife, Anni, immediately moved their household and businesses to Idaho to keep a long-standing promise that he would not dump her in a nursing home.

In less than a year Bruce came to the realization that he, too, had a very serious health problem. The diagnosis came back lymphoma.

Bruce had watched two friends succumb to the disease. Despite all of the medical treatments that they received, both had passed on. Bruce resigned himself to the same fate.

Determined to depart gracefully, without any involvement from the allopathic professions, he did the best that he could to improve his diet and his mental attitude. He used hypnosis to manage the pain and discomfort. He invested much of his remaining time in prayer and meditation.

Then, unexpectedly, Dr. Regan Golob made a ‘house call’ from the Seattle area. He had stopped in for a visit while traveling past. He did not realize that he was also delivering the necessary knowledge that would save Bruce’s life.

Within 3 days of that visit Bruce was able to return to a normal life. Within 6 months all the symptoms had vanished. Bruce felt better than he had for many years.

This incident embedded an awareness in Bruce of the critical need for knowledge about health, what destroys it, and what supports it. He became obsessed to learn all that he could.

Having been trained as an instructor in the U.S.Army, Bruce had learned that the most effective way to learn something was to teach it. To enhance and embed his own knowledge, he made himself available to anyone who would listen to what he had learned.

In the years since, this desire to share the findings of his research has resulted in two books, several lectures and over 75 web sites (including this one) devoted to teaching people how to become and remain healthy–naturally–without any toxic drugs, radiation bombardments or surgeries.


B. Ann Chenoweth

Formerly a Resident Attendant and Private-Duty Caregiver turned Natural Health Advocate and Coach
New Plymouth, Idaho

Ann was blessed at age 18 to establish a close relationship with an obsessive “health hippie” in southern California. As a result, she developed the habit of thinking and behaving in the ways that create and sustain unusually excellent health.

Her favorite books have long been the classic  “Survival into the 21st Century–Planetary Healer’s Manual”  by Victor Kulvinskas and “Your Health – your Choice” by Dr. M. Ted Morter. She is passionate about passing along what she learns and demonstrates to be effective.

Ann has proven to be an excellent and valuable proof reader and devils advocate for many of the articles and instruction that have been written for publication on the web sites and in the newsletters.


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