Miracle of Acemannan

The term “MIRACLE” is NOT being used lightly here!

When Dr. Bill MacAnalley identified and isolated what is now called “Acemannan” from the inner leaf gel of the Aloe vera Barbadensis plant and made it available for research and use, apparent miracles began to occur routinely in research laboratories and in the bodies of ordinary people all around the world.

One of the research scientists, Dr. Reginald McDaniel, stated “… introduction of Acemannan causes the immune system to rise to levels of efficiency never before measured in humans.”

NaturAloe Verapol Premium

NaturAloe Verapol Premium is identical to what was Carrington Laboratories Manapol

The exact same product, grown in the exact same Aloe plantation, processed using the same method, and with the exact same equipment is now available under the brand name “Naturmanan Verapol Premium.”

My name is Bruce Wesley Chenoweth. I began using this miraculous supplement to help save my own life way back in 1995.  Based on the results I experienced, (and the fact that I am still alive and thriving more than 20 years later) I began recognizing it as a “miracle” then, and I recognize it as a miracle now.

Since then I have met hundreds–more likely thousands–of people who also use it.

The single most common word used by all of these people to describe the results they experienced from this product is “miracle!”


You will very quickly join the ranks of the tens of thousands of people who recognize what a healing miracle can be.

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