Since life is too short to spend even one more minute feeling anything less than absolutely wonderful, …

… A B Company has compiled a repository of information for guiding and coaching you toward:

  • A Perfectly Healthy Body and Mind

  • A Perfectly Healthy Spirit

  • Expanded Intellectual Health

  • Perfectly Appropriate Emotions

  • Abundance and Financial Independence

  • Completely Functional Relationships

  • An Overwhelming Sense of Well-being

If you identify value in even one item on that list, then you will be delighted that you found your way to this rich resource for empowering information, ideas and connections!



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Perfect Health: Naturally! (PHN) is an ever-expanding resource to guide you on your journey to the most effective, most empowering, most fulfilling life possible.

Links, directories and directions to roadmaps and guideposts are available for you to access―twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

As a member, you may choose to receive periodic advisories that point the way to New Discoveries; to appropriate “Oldies But Goodies”; and to the various Libraries of Information that keep you steadily on your path.


“How Much?”


WWhat would you realistically think it would be worth for an excellent, effective form of online education and coaching that assists you to be dramatically happier, healthier, wealthier and wiser?

Realistically, given the value of good health, it might be worth most, if not all of what you own! Of course, you will not be asked to pay that much. In fact, the cost may surprise you …

… Are you ready for this?


Membership is free.


Yes, REALLY free. No hooks, catches or surprises. No “special one-time-only” upgrade offers. No “trial-offer-but-give-me-your-credit-card” tricks. It is just simply free.

Just like many free information sites, our site is funded through income from side-line advertising and other affiliate
agreements. When you click on those interesting little teaser advertisements, a portion of the ad revenue is shared with us.

Additionally, our online store sells some of the products and services that are referenced in articles. We strive to keep prices competitive enough so that members will choose to buy these through us.

“No Spam!”

In keeping with the “Golden Rule,” I swear on my mother’s grave that we will NEVER allow anyone to send spam e-mail to our member list! Our policy is:


Although we forgive SPAMMERS for their rude and encumbering transgressions, we make it a point to completely SHUN them! The membership list shall be kept completely private. Any e-mails sent to the members database shall pertain ONLY to Perfect Health: NATURALLY! content, updates and/or membership.

And, another assurance: If you ever decide for any reason that you want to disassociate with us, there is a built-in mechanism for “un-joining,” immediately and completely, included at the bottom of every e-mail that is sent to the member list.





Immediately after you submit for membership you will be sent an e-mail with instructions to confirm that it was actually you who submitted your e-mail address. This process protects you from being “joined” without your permission.

You must click the confirmation link in that e-mail before you will be finalized as a member.



  1. Fill in the boxes below and click “Submit,” then,

  2. Go to the confirmation e-mail in your in-box and click the confirming link.
    (If you don’t find it within a few minutes, check your “Spam” folder.)

Your membership data will be set to you immediately after you ‘Submit,’ then ‘Confirm.’



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