160302 Carrot-And-Stick For Outrageously Excellent Health

carrots and celeryCarrot-And-Stick For Outrageously Excellent Health

Sent March 2, 2016

Dr. Golob often recommends to people who have been told that they are “terminally ill” that they go to a 100% carrot juice diet until their health restores itself. Stuffing in a stick of celery, a bit of spinach, kale, etc. with the carrots adds other super-beneficial nutrients to the juice.

He also recommends that we all eat his 7-day carrot salad once each day for seven straight days each month as an effective natural liver cleanse. It is absolutely delicious, so why not?

Dr. Golob’s advice on these and just about every other health issue can be found at
http://docgolob.com . If there was ever a site worthy of “favoriting,” this is it!

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