160311 Dropping Acid

Dropping Acid

FeedBooBoo02In the great audio program “Common Feeding Boo-Boos for Humans,”  Dr. Regan Golob reveals that the biggest mistake people make with their diet is eating too much protein. This includes both animal proteins and acid carbohydrates such as grains, nuts, seeds and legumes.

For optimum health and protection from osteoporosis, our diet should consist of 80% alkaline-ash foods and no more than 20% acid-ash foods. Merely by dropping the amount of acid foods and increasing alkalinity to this level, you will quickly begin to experience health “miracles.”

Alkaline-Acid Foods Chart

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You can download a free Alkaline-Acid Foods Chart from our shopping cart at

Sticking it to the front of your refrigerator can help you make better choices when you open the door.

For a full understanding of this important subject and much more about eating and nutrition, I recommend the “Common Feeding Boo-Boos for Humans” lecture. It is available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD HERE.

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